Week 2.

I am SO sad about how fast time is flying by. I cant believe I only have about two more weeks of the training! It literally has changed me and is continuing to change me everyday.

I wanted to share with you something that I learned during my training. This past week we were learning a pose where you balance on one foot, grab your toe, then extend your foot straight ahead of you. You bend with the intention of planting your toe on your knee. Well, I will tell you that my toe was not near me knee and I am still struggling to not crash into my partner next to me.


(ya, I don’t look like this for sure.)

The first time I tried this posture, I felt a little bit of sadness. I wish I could look like what the pose was supposed to look like. No matter how hard I tried, I was really struggling. I felt a little hopeless.

Then, my dear teacher Monica introduced us to an exercise that we could practice to progress towards this challenging pose. Immediately I felt hope. I also felt gratitude. My body could one day do it. I would have to work for it, but I had the tools.

Yoga wouldn’t be as rewarding if all of our poses came quickly & easily. That is the beauty of yoga. You practice, practice, practice, and get better each day. We should never get upset with ourselves for not being able to do a certain pose. We should love what our bodies can do today, and get excited for the journey of progression. Accomplishing progression is beautiful and so rewarding. Embrace the journey.

“Practice. And all is coming.” -Guruji


Namaste ❤



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